Óskar Guðjónsson (tenor saxophone), Ómar Guðjónsson (guitar, bass), Thómas Jónsson (piano, keybords), Magnús Trygvason Eliassen (drums) | Iceland
Live Artist

The band’s name ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) may be somewhat confusing indeed in the face of the hypnotic effect of their music. But the musicians acknowledge that the music may even have a therapeutic effect on the group itself. As with a volcano, the energy first concentrates in the interior, only to erupt with all the more intensity and force. In their new album “6”, ADHD focus even more than before on, and impress their audience with, their eruptive live energy. This search for common ground in the concentration on expansive vistas creates the unmistakable accord among these four Vikings. Peace, ADHD’s central motif, is sometimes interrupted by echoes of urban rage and stubbornness. They leave behind all rules and worries as they never bothered with definitions and categories. The band’s music comes across more rugged, more direct than before. The music remains contemplative in jazzy flow but detached from detours and distractions which hitherto have not appeared in this form in the group’s repertoire. They increase the radical consciousness with which they play their monolithic, yet holistic, music.

01.11.2019 DE - Stuttgart // Bix ADHD Buy Tickets
02.11.2019 DE - Karlsruhe // Tempel ADHD
03.11.2019 DE - Kiel // KulturForum in der Stadtgalerie Kiel ADHD
05.11.2019 DE - Hamburg // Jazzlab ADHD
08.11.2019 AT - Innsbruck // Treibhaus ADHD Buy Tickets
11.11.2019 DE - Aachen // Musikbunker Aachen ADHD
15.11.2019 DE - Berlin // Konzerthaus Berlin ADHD Buy Tickets
21.04.2020 CH - Basel // Birdseye Jazzclub ADHD
22.04.2020 CH - Basel // Birdseye Jazzclub ADHD