Jelena Kuljić (voice), Kalle Kalima (guitar), Frank Möbus (guitar), Christian Lillinger (drums) | Germany
Live Artist

Blistering indie-jazz with post-punk attitude. At times madly funky, at times painful, but also subtle and touching. “KUU!“ singer and actress Jelena Kuljić joins forces with free-spirited guitarists Kalle Kalima and Frank Möbus and drumming-innovator Christian Lillinger.

The music on "Lampedusa Lullaby" packs an incredible power. It disturbs, connects, it has a way of getting through to the feet, the head and the soul - and all the same time. Sometimes three conspiratorial individualists with their instruments might lay out a comfortable rug for their singer - and sometimes it might be a bed of nails. Heard live, and with Jelena Kuljic's theatrical art coming into play, their music grows ingeniously, inventively - and irresistibly.

Florian Fleischer (Gitarre), Kalle Kalima (guitar), Jelena Kulic (voice), KUU! (Jelena Kuljić (voice), Kalle Kalima (guitar), Frank Möbus (guitar), Christian Lillinger (drums)), Christian Lillinger (drums), Frank Möbus (guitar)

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