Pedro Martins

guitar / voice | Brazil

Rock, jazz, pop, Brazil, California ... Pedro Martins has a lot of good stuff to offer. An exceptional guitarist and composer who made quite a statemant with his latest album.
When guitar legend Kurt Rosenwinkel gets to hear young Pedro Martins at the Montreux Guitar Competition 2015, the two of them find themselves together in the studio almost instantly. Rosenwinkel becomes his mentor and invites Pedro Martins to play in his latest project "Caipi" - an important step on an international stage, that enabled him to make a name for himself worldwide. When he was invited by maestro, Eric Clapton, to play at his festival "Crossroads", it’s clear, once and for all, what dimensions we are talking about regarding Pedro Martins
With his own release "Vox", published February 8th, 2019 on Kurt Rosenwinkel's label "Heartcore Records", he eventually earns the recognition he deserves as a bandleader. The involvement of Brad Mehldau and Chris Potter supports Martin's standing as a jazz-artist in the scene.
His music sounds refreshing and honest. Doesn’t pretend to be anything else but what it is. Music to get lost in. Despite melancholy and drama, a dominating lightness remains. The art of songwriting is served as well as virtuosity and the right amount of edge.

Pedro has released his second album “VOX”, on February 8th, 2019. The thirteen jazz-inflected Brazilian rock songs on “VOX” result from a two year long recording and production process between Martins and legendary jazz guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel, so It’s appropriate that the album has been released on the former’s independent label Heartcore Records. VOX also features powerhouse performances by Brad Mehldau and Chris Potter, adding by their presence an indication of the depth of Pedro’s musical vision.

Renato Galvão (drums), Frederico Heliodoro (bass/vocals), Antonio Loureiro (drums/percussion, keys and vocals.), Pedro Martins (guitar / voice), Felipe Viegas (keys and guitar)