Gadi Stern (piano), David Michaeli (double bass), Matan Assayag (drums) | Israel
Live Artist worldwide w/o GAS

SHALOSH is an instrumental piano trio, that belongs to the current generation of cross genre jazz groups able to reach a wide spectrum of audiences, in the Jazz world as well as in other genres. Their music is raw, acoustic and progressive, crossing stylistic boundaries and defying definition. Despite its classic jazz trio format (piano, bass and drums) and the band members’ deep roots in jazz and improvised music, Shalosh’s music weaves its own path and creates a unique and fascinating synthesis out of such varied genres as rock, classical, electronic, African, and Middle Eastern music.

"Life never goes in a straight line. Our world is full of surprises. Things we have known forever can change before our very eyes. So the challenge is to keep level-headed, to ensure that our lives stay in balance on the personal, the social and the political level.” Shalosh capture this attitude in their music, and especially in "Broken Balance"."More drama, more pushing at the extremes, more sideways looks" – that was the motto for the album. The Tel Aviv-based trio cheerfully mix and contrast styles and genres; they're far too nimble to be categorized. They play with the complementary extremes of strength of impact and fragility. "We are always Shalosh. That is how we act, as one; our sound can be swing...or death metal." There is nothing random about their musical choices, however. Shalosh is like one organism, its parts instinctively breathing together. They tell stories too. Because SHALOSH genuinely do have something to say. They want to inspire, to make references, to ask questions, and the miracle is that they do it all wordlessly.

Shalosh (Gadi Stern (piano), David Michaeli (double bass), Matan Assayag (drums))

22.06.2021 CH - Basel // offbeat Shalosh Buy Tickets
25.06.2021 DE - Ludwigsburg // Ludwigsburg Jazz Club Shalosh
27.06.2021 AT - Innsbruck // Treibhaus Shalosh
20.07.2021 IL - Tel Aviv // Barby // Broken Balance Release Concert Shalosh Buy Tickets
23.07.2021 DE - Kiel // Honey Lake Sessions Shalosh Buy Tickets
13.08.2021 DE - Rostock // See More Jazz Festival Shalosh Buy Tickets
28.08.2021 DE - Bremen // Musikfest Bremen Shalosh
31.08.2021 IL - Tel Aviv // Shablul Shalosh Buy Tickets
02.09.2021 IL - Beer Sheva // The Halutz Shalosh
04.09.2021 IL - Jerusalem // The Yellow Submarine Shalosh
24.03.2022 DE - Berlin // Gretchen Shalosh
25.03.2022 DE - Hannover // Jazzclub Hannover Shalosh
26.03.2022 LU - Luxemburg // CUBE 521 Shalosh