Vincent Meissner

piano | Germany

Born in 2000, pianist Vincent Meissner is considered one of the most promising emerging talents on the German jazz scene. Growing up in a village in Central Saxony, he found his instrument at an early age and discovered jazz as his passion, which was to become his life's goal. At the age of sixteen he went to Dresden to attend the Landesgymnasium für Musik. A fire was stoked with new discoveries: Oscar Peterson, Dave Brubeck and Bud Powell were followed by Paul Bley, Monk, Craig Taborn, Vijay Iyer and the Germans Pablo Held, Achim Kaufmann, Joachim Kühn and Michael Wollny. The journey was the destination. Vincent Meissner has remained a seeker and explorer to this day, who also delves into contemporary piano music. Since 2019 he now studies in Leipzig (Hochschule für Musik und Theater) with Michael Wollny, where he currently lives and works.

In his still young career he has already been honoured with numerous awards: in 2018 he received first prize at the “Jugend Jazzt Solo” and first place at the “Bechstein Piano Competition” in Berlin. Together with his trio, he was awarded the “Concert Prize of the Jazzopen Stuttgart” and the “Förderpreis of the German Jazz Union”. At the beginning of 2020, his trio also received the “Mitteldeutschen Jazzpreis” (Middle German Jazz Prize), and in September this year he won first place at the “International Jazzhaus Piano Competition” in Freiburg. The ACT release “Bewegtes Feld” in June 2021 is his debut album with his traditional trio, with Henri Reichmann (drums) and Josef Ziemetz (bass).

(text: Vincent Meissner)

"A new hope in German jazz" was German broadcaster mdr kultur’s verdict on Vincent Meissner's debut album "Bewegtes Feld" (2021). Deutschlandfunk went further, predicting that his band “will take off like a rocket." Downbeat (US) wrote of an "excitement” running through the album, which was produced by Meissner’s mentor Michael Wollny. The pianist was only twenty at the time, and already garlanded with prizes. The new album is called "Wille" (will). It has a bubbling energy and flow but also a strong sense of cohesion. “Wille” is also defined by an affinity with pop music, and that choice brings with it a large body of material to draw on, and has led directly to the decision to record new cover versions.

„RÉVÉLATION! A European talent to watch out for. […] Music with incredible density, endless contrasts and a total synergy between the musicians.“

"There's an excitement that runs through Vincent Meissner's debut Bewegtes Feld."

Vincent Meissner (piano), Henri Reichmann (drums), Josef Zeimetz (Bass)

03.05.2024 CH - Basel Gare du Nord Vincent Meissner Trio