eXplore | eXpand | eXploit | eXterminate | Germany


German pianist Michael Wollny, once again, shows a yet unheard side of his musical personality, performing almost entirely on electric keyboards and extending their range with real time effects which seem like a turbo for his complex harmonic and melodic thinking, that draws inspiration from classical and contemporary classical, pop, indie, film music and jazz. This wide-spread musical background is probably the biggest reason, why Wollny clicks so perfectly with US-American electric bassist Tim Lefebve. As a collaborator with such diverse artists like David Bowie, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Mark Giuliana, Knower and countless others he is the musical glue between the musicians of the quartet, giving the free-flying ideas of his collaborators the rhythmic grounding - through his signature sound and harmony and unparalleled musical authority. French soprano saxophone great Emile Parisien, one of the most in-demand European jazz musicians and a true innovator of his instrument and German drummer Christian Lillinger, certainly one of the most forward-thinking drummers of today infuse the quartet with unrestrained, nervous, heated energy. With them, anything can happen at any given moment - monster grooves, cascades of single-notes, dense clusters, and just unbound expressiveness.
It is these contrasts, this excitement, the pure joy of playing and improvising, the hunger for surprise and the magic of the moment, that is not only obvious in every note but is also transfused to the audience, making this band such a deep, unique, emotionally, and intellectually challenging experience that one will not forget. „A stellar trans-Atlantic quartet. “ JAZZIZ (US)

XXXX (eXplore | eXpand | eXploit | eXterminate), Tim Lefebvre (bass), Christian Lillinger (drums), Emile Parisien (soprano saxophon), Michael Wollny (piano)