Emile Parisien

soprano saxophon | France
Management Artist, Live Artist

Saxophonist Emile Parisien is one of the most important protagonists of contemporary French jazz. A jazz visionary, who may have one foot in that ancient soil, but his gaze is firmly fixed on the future. The leading French newspaper Le Monde has called him “the best new thing that has happened in European jazz for a long time,” while the Hamburg radio station NDR made the point of telling its listeners to give Parisien their “undivided attention.” The reference points on Parisien’s personal musical map are very widely spread indeed. They range from the popular folk traditions of his homeland to the compositional rigour of contemporary classical music, and also to the abstraction of free jazz. And yet everything he does has a naturalness and authenticity about it. Rather than appearing pre-meditated or constrained, his music has a flow, he traverses genres with a remarkable fleetness of foot and an effortless inevitability. What is it that makes the simple urgency of Parisien’s music quite so enjoyable? How does he manage to combine a provocative and anarchic streak with such a captivating sense of swing? Anyone who has seen and heard him on stage will know: it is because he lives his jazz with body and soul, because there is an authenticity and honesty inflecting every breath and every note. - In collaboration with Inclinaisons France -

With breathtaking technical skills, great sensitivity, imagination and a good amount of anarchy, Emile Parisien investigates, challenges and expands the jazz genre. The result is fresh, European music, rousing, virtuoso and full of emotion.
In more than ten years the Emile Parisien quartet has played various concerts all over the world. They got inspired by freethinkers like Wayne Shorter or Ornette Coleman, but their ingenuity and their way to try something new are not to compare with other ensembles. The quartet has its own way of telling musical stories and to show its exuberant creativity and friskiness.
The new album of the band, "Double Screening", combines all of their exceptional qualities.

Ivan Gélugne (double bass), Julien Loutelier (drums), Emile Parisien (soprano saxophon), Julien Touéry (piano)

During the Jazz Festival in Marciac in 2015, a new quintet got together: a unique musical symbiosis between Emile Parisien, upcoming guitar player Manu Codjia, bassist Simon Tailleu, Mario Costa on the drums and the German jazz piano master Joachim Kühn. With free improvisations, high-energetic moments, emotional sounds and wild eruptions the dream team sets the concert halls on fire. In addition, the quintet made his international mark with the studio album 'Sfumato' and received one of the most important music awards in France, the Victoires du Jazz, for the best album in 2017.

Manu Codija (guitar), Mário Costa (drums), Joachim Kühn (piano), Emile Parisien (soprano saxophon), Simon Tailleu (double bass)

For once, here’s a band for which the word 'supergroup' is completely apposite. Swiss vocalist Andreas Schaerer, German pianist Michael Wollny, French accordionist Vincent Peirani and his saxophonist compatriot Emile Parisien are four of the brightest and most charismatic stars in European jazz, and they have now formed themselves into a quartet. Their new live recording “Out of Land” demonstrates why they are at the very pinnacle of jazz musicians of their generation.

Emile Parisien (soprano saxophon), Vincent Peirani (accordion), Andreas Schaerer (voice), Michael Wollny (piano)

12.01.2021 FR - Cournon d'Auvergne // La Baie des Singes Emile Parisien Quartet Buy Tickets
29.04.2021 LU - Luxemburg // CUBE 521 Emile Parisien Quartet
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