Nils Kugelmann

Bass | Germany

The 27-year-old double bass player from Munich has developed a musical maturity and an own style despite his young age. He frees the bass from the usual role of an accompanying instrument. The Süddeutsche Zeitung writes: "Nils Kugelmann makes every single note sound defined even at the highest tempo, making complex compositions wide open to improvisation irresistible and catchy." As a bandleader and sideman, Nils Kugelmann has already received many awards. In 2023 he won the "European Young Artist Award 2023" of the Jazzwoche Burghausen and the jury of the BMW Young Artist Jazz Award claims that he is "already one of the best German bassists".

Powerful sound, gripping grooves and dynamic interplay characterize the music of Nils Kugelmann. With the two equally talented and award-winning musicians of the young German jazz, they form the perfect combo. Their debut album "Stormy Beauty" is all about beauty, tension and passion. What emerges is music that wants to be heard - driven by palpable joy in playing, full trust in each other, the lightness of friendship and a powerful and driving bass sound that bears Nils Kugelmann's unmistakable signature. "More than a debut, Stormy Beauty sets the stage for three new voices to engage imaginations and, hopefully, enlighten futures. “ ALL ABOUT JAZZ (US)

Nils Kugelmann (Bass), Sebastian Wolfgruber (Drums), Luca Zambito (Piano)