Drei Pianisten - Three Pianists

Rantala // Możdżer // Sarabski

"Three men, three pianos, one feeling - jazz": this is how German national television ZDF commented on the 2016 debut concert which the “three pianists” gave at the sold-out Berlin Philharmonic. In this artistically unique constellation three outstanding and highly individual piano characters meet - solo, in duo on two pianos and finally, for the grand finale, on three instruments. Leszek Możdżer, the undisputed star of Polish jazz, the Finn Iiro Rantala, a "natural event on the keyboard" (Jazz Thing), and Isfar Sarabski from Azerbaijan, winner of the prestigious Montreux Jazz Solo Piano Competition and a new 'rising star pianist' of European jazz. All three are outstanding individual artists and well known leaders of their own ensembles, from duo and trio constellations, up to larger ensembles and orchestral projects. The encounter of these three unique musical characters sparks with virtuosity, emotion, wit and groove, with disarming and genre-spanning musicality.