"When jazz guitartists are highly acclaimed by critist and fans alike, they become the focus of heavy attention. Kurt Rosenwinkel is certainly that player. With two new albums - "Angels Around" by the Kurt Rosenwinkel Trio and "Searching The Continuum" by Bandit 65 - Rosenwinkel reaffirms his status as one of the best improvisers around, melding expliration, taste and chops with uncanny precision."

Vintage Guitar magazine

What has changed—and this is clearly heard on intervening recordings—is the shape and quality of his tone, which has moved from the dry clarity of the earlier efforts to an increasingly wet sound, less distinct perhaps, but full of character. Here his pick attack is often so buried under a filter of synthesizer and other signal processors that, when heard in the context of his seamlessly interpolated harmonic and melodic ideas, suggests a keyboardist rather than a guitarist.

NYC Jazz Record by Tom Greenland

As simple as the setup may be, these are players that can span the spectrum of jazz history within it, Rosenwinkel touching on dreamy Grant Green melodicism or Wes Montgomery block-chording as easily as the approachable fusion of John McLaughlin. Anyone familiar with these players should know enough to be open to everything, and a little of everything is exactly what they get here, in an approachable session open to anyone.

All About Jazz

Rosenwinkel spielt mit enormer Geläufigkeit, die aber nie auf Kosten der Musikalität geht, und nur sehr selten bedient er sich technisch plakativer und musikalisch leerer Füllformeln.