On their album "Playground", the duo literally embarks on a playground of unlimited musical virtuality.

Concerto (AT)

The title 'Playground' fits to the vocal twirls and modulations of Bertault and the pianistic art of Helbock, who adds effects of percussion to his delicate playing. And the musical remarks of both artists intimately blend with each other.

Le Monde (FR)

In a unique and virtuoso way David Helbock and Camille Bertault explore the wonderous playground of jazz.

3sat Kulturzeit (DE, AT, CH)

David Helbock shines with constant inventiveness and crystalline sound. And Camille Bertault confirms that she’s a giant in the world of vocal jazz. CHOC – album of the month.

Jazz Magazine (FR)

Prepare to be dazzled by this extraordinary duo. The whole album is like a playground for Helbock’s and Bertault’s musicality and experimentation.

London Jazz News (GB)

Playground is a kaleidoscope of sounds and emotions that constantly inspires, excites and surprises.

France Musique (FR)

A celebration of inspirational musical ping-pong.

Jazz thing (DE)

An exciting album full of masterly musical dialogues.

Jazzpodium (DE)

A duo with lots of verve and a gorgeously wild mix.

BR Klassik (DE)

On Playground, two virtuoso European jazz musicians full of inventiveness celebrate their stylistic range.

NDR Kultur (DE)

Camille Bertault is France's rising vocal jazz star and David Helbock one of today’s most interesting pianists. Playground, their first joint work, captivates with constantly changing timbres.

SWR 2 (DE)

Two exceptional artists, endlessly variable, adventurous, and constantly breaking the boundaries of jazz.

HR 2 Kultur (DE)

Playgound is an excellent, wide-ranging collection of musical treasures, a true playground on which the duo Bertault & Helbock lives their extraordinary musicality and great desire to experiment, paired with a sense of humor.

Der Kulturblog (DE)

Camille Bertault shows on “Playground” that she has mastered the art of bebop-oriented but subtle improvisation. And David Helbock is a striking pianist who often elegantly follows her into ballad-like Latin field trips.

Der Standard (AT)