Coming from different musical directions, the musicians:inside Dearest Sister transfer modern singer-songwriter aesthetics and indie rock into a jazz form and make it groove.

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Dearest Sister combine the best elements of the Swedish jazz scene. A strong debut.


With Dearest Sister, the term 'jazz' has to be redefined. There’s everything here, between Massive Attack and Sade. A great debut!****

Rolling Stone

Jazz combined with indie music, sensitive lyrics and a special twist.

3sat Kulturzeit (DE / AT / CH)

Pop, electronics and a big dose of jazz.


Dearest Sister combine jazzy musicality with elaborate songwriting. The music can be grand and intimate at the same time, sounding atmospheric, moody and crystal clear. And Finnish-born Andrea Hatanmaa is carefully avoids sounding too much of a jazz singer, and there is more musical kindship to the likes of Ane Brun.


A band that has the potential to reach a curious, open-minded, new audience with their unique musical language."
„Eine Band, die das Potenzial hat, mit ihrer einzigartigen musikalischen Sprache ein neugieriges, aufgeschlossenes Publikum zu erreichen.


A debut with contrasting influences from from rock and pop to jazz.

London Jazz News

Ultimately you get drawn into the Sister's spider web, and that's because this is like a real band and more than singers and a few geezers mysteriously to have turned up to loll uselessly at the back.


Young, jazz-schooled artists giving their music a pop twist with references to Kate Bush and Tori Amos as well as Björk and Joni Mitchell. Music with lots of dynamics, sometimes fragile and airy, sometimes explosive.

Jazz (SE)

'Dearest Sister', the latest discovery from the Swedish music scene, "elegantly cross boundaries and move smoothly between solid, juicy jazz, down-to-earth pop and airy, dramatic electronica.


A creative partnership with contrasting elements from rock, pop to jazz.

London Jazz News (GB)

Abgehört – Tracks of the week.

Spiegel Online, Andreas Borcholte (DE)

This sounds linke something you'd hear on a Kate Bush record… and ultimately you get drawn into the Sister's spider web. Can’t wait!

Marlbank (SE)